• WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
    Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

I can’t create a new account, what can I do to fix this?

Due to the recent implementation of new laws for tobacco products, all customers must be able to verify their age. If you are having trouble doing so here are some common solutions:

DOB format must be mm/dd/yyyy

Try any previously registered addresses

These two are the most common errors during sign up, fixing this information should allow you to create an account. If problems persist, please contact us by phone for more assistance.


Why isn’t my coupon code working?

Some coupon codes are time sensitive, and cannot be used retroactively with no exceptions. If the coupon code isn’t working, please make sure it is still valid and that the spelling is correct. In some cases, coupon codes may become invalid if there are other existing promotions attached to the order.


Why can’t I check out?

In order to protect our customers, our merchant processor is very sensitive so as to prevent forms of theft and unauthorized transactions. Please be sure to input your BILLING address EXACTLY as it is registered with your bank or credit card company.


Why do I have so many tracking numbers?

Any retail orders receiving more than one tracking number will have a separate email sent to them by a Bombies team member with all relevant tracking numbers. In some cases, multiple tracking numbers may be sent out for the same order; only the most recent tracking number will be valid. All others can be disregarded.


Where’s my package?

USPS sometimes has a habit of not updating their tracking system on time. If you’ve received a tracking number, your order has been delivered to the post office and is most likely on its way. Some orders may take longer than others to be delivered (i.e. orders traveling x-country). Once USPS updates a package as ‘Delivered’, Bombies cannot be held responsible for any orders affected by loss or theft. If an order has not arrived within 7 days of notification, please contact us in order to better serve you in resolving the issue.

Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-6pm PST. In the event an order is placed during non-business hours, orders will be fulfilled the next business day.


I ordered from California but my order hasn’t shipped yet, what’s going on?

In accordance with new California laws, all customers with orders to be shipped to CA addresses will receive an automated phone call after 5pm PST (by the end of the purchase date or closest working day). Orders will be shipped the following business day. If you wish to cancel your order, please call our customer service line for further assistance.


Why can’t I find my state when I input my shipping address?

Unfortunately, due to local laws of certain states, we are prohibited from sale and distribution without permits. If your state does not appear in the STATE drop down menu, we may no longer sell/ship to you. We apologize for the inconvenience.


I received a damaged product, what do I do?

If any part of your order arrives broken or damaged, please take pictures of the damage with labels clearly visible and send them to help@bombies.com with your order number and a short description (a picture of your invoice with all necessary info will suffice). All customers service inquiries will be assessed and resolved in a timely manner. We recommend that customers not vape from any damaged or broken bottles.


Why isn’t my giveaway code working?

Give away codes are for specific items only. Any retroactive orders that do not match your giveaway code will be cancelled and refunded; so giveaway specific items may be purchased. If you experience difficulties with the cancellation process please contact us via the information below.


How do I order a sample?

Adding a 15mL sample to your order will automatically generate a promotional offer that brings the price to $1.00USD. To review the discount, please refer to the “Discount” price on your order invoice.


How do I troubleshoot an age verification error?

Please ensure you are logged in to the correct account. The top right corner of your screen should display “Hello, (your name)”. Note: Log in credentials are exclusive to the site you are purchasing from. ie. Predator and Bigglesworth Labs information will not be accepted on the Bombies platform and vice versa.

Please review your billing and shipping information to ensure everything is filled out correctly. Note: your DOB may not have auto-filled your registered information. To remedy this, simply enter your DOB as it is required.

If problems persist, you may try using a different browser/mobile device to make your order or clearing your cache/cookies.


For further assistance, please call us at (310)929-0795 between the hours of 9am – 6pm PST.